Roll 9¾

A magical Dungeons & Dragons-style adventure, featuring the hosts of PotterCast!

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Ch. 13: Professor Pumpkin's Surprise | A Magical Dungeons and Dragons Adventure

March 12, 2021

Our intrepid trio can't catch a break, as this week's Herbology class turns deadly! Have you ever seen a murderous crystal Venus Fly Trap? No? Well then tune in and find out what happens! Why is there...

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Common Room Talk: Chapter 12

March 5, 2021

So. A lot happens in Chapter 12! We took a minute to go over it in this common room episode. Take a second to wind down with us. ~*~ This episode's sponsor is LootCrate! Go to this link (https...

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Ch 12: Galligators

February 23, 2021

It's a big week on Roll! Amelia, Dolly, and Karl take part in a dueling club that goes very differently as expected! New lore, surprise guests, and an alligator performing a water show ensue. Only on ...

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Ch. 11: Dungeons and Doorknobs

January 5, 2021

Dolly, Karl, and Amelia have been mysteriously trapped in a dungeon, which is now slowly shrinking in on them! Will they get out before they become magical pancakes? Welcome back to Roll 9 3/4! --...

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Ch. 10: Trial and Terror

October 23, 2020

Dolly, Karl, and Amelia wake up and find themselves not in their beds, but in a mysterious dungeon. And they aren't together... Just another day at school, we suppose! Welcome back to Roll 9 3/4! ...

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Ch. 9: Booking It

September 25, 2020

Our trio finally makes it out of detention along with their new friend Esther Joy, and they all head straight for the library. They quickly learn that words aren't the only bits of a book that can be ...

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Ch 8: Detention

September 12, 2020

Is it magic school without detention? Amelia, Dolly, and Karl find themselves on the wrong side of Prof. Vaswani's morning, but there are mysteries and new friends on the other end... Welcome back ...

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Ch. 7: Inheritance

July 17, 2020

Karl speaks with some feline friends, Amelia finds a friendly ghost in the forest, Dolly inspects a locket very closely. It's level up time on today's Roll 9 3/4! ---------- We have a Patreon...

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Ch. 6: A Brawl in the Hall

June 27, 2020

Dolly, Karl, and Amelia finally confront Lucy and her pals on this episode of Roll 9 3/4! If you want to hear more — including our talkback about each episode, as well as see exclusive artwork fr...

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Ch. 5: A Ghost in the Library

May 8, 2020

Dolly, Karl, and Amelia (and, of course, Carrot) are back for another chapter of Roll 9 3/4! Our intrepid heroes investigate a magical blackout, meet a familiar-looking new friend, and have a chat ...