Roll 9¾

A magical Dungeons & Dragons-style adventure, featuring the hosts of PotterCast!

Roll 9¾

Ch 8: Detention

September 12, 2020

Is it magic school without detention? Amelia, Dolly, and Karl find themselves on the wrong side of Prof. Vaswani's morning, but there are mysteries and new friends on the other end... Welcome back ...

Roll 9¾

Ch. 7: Inheritance

July 17, 2020

Karl speaks with some feline friends, Amelia finds a friendly ghost in the forest, Dolly inspects a locket very closely. It's level up time on today's Roll 9 3/4! ---------- We have a Patreon...

Roll 9¾

Ch. 6: A Brawl in the Hall

June 27, 2020

Dolly, Karl, and Amelia finally confront Lucy and her pals on this episode of Roll 9 3/4! If you want to hear more — including our talkback about each episode, as well as see exclusive artwork fr...

Roll 9¾

Ch. 5: A Ghost in the Library

May 8, 2020

Dolly, Karl, and Amelia (and, of course, Carrot) are back for another chapter of Roll 9 3/4! Our intrepid heroes investigate a magical blackout, meet a familiar-looking new friend, and have a chat ...

Roll 9¾

Chapter 4: Class is in Session

March 3, 2020

Dolly, Karl, and Amelia (and, of course, Carrot) are back for another chapter of Roll 9 3/4! Our friends finally have their first class, someone makes a mad escape, and an unexpected battle in the ...

Roll 9¾

Chapter 3: The Weighing

December 19, 2019

Welcome back to the stories of Roll 9 ¾! We’re in the common room of Fifth Edition. Follow  Dolly-Anne, Amelia, Karl, and their trusty chicken Carrot through their first day at school. Professor S...

Roll 9¾

Chapter 2: A New Song

November 25, 2019

Chapter two is here and our trio is about to arrive at Hogwarts, get Sorted, and meet their classmates! Join them during their first night at the castle! Also, stick around at the end for a little OO...

Roll 9¾

Chapter 1: The Platform

October 29, 2019

WELCOME TO THE FIRST ROLL 9 3/4 OMG AHH!! Roll 9 3/4 is basically a group fanfic created by the hosts of PotterCast, who have been talking about Harry Potter together for more than a decade. It's a D&...