Roll 9¾

A magical Dungeons & Dragons-style adventure, featuring the hosts of PotterCast!

Roll 9¾

Ch. 6: A Brawl in the Hall

June 27, 2020

Dolly, Karl, and Amelia finally confront Lucy and her pals on this episode of Roll 9 3/4!

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Roll 9 3/4, is a Harry Potter DnD (Dungeons & Dragons) podcast created by the hosts of PotterCast, who have been talking about Harry Potter together for more than a decade.

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Frank Franco conceived this project and serves as the game’s DM.
The players are Bre Bishop (Dolly-Anne), John Noe (Karl), and Melissa Anelli (Amelia).

Original music by Andre Karame; editing by Aaron Souza; produced by Frank Franco and Melissa Anelli

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