Roll 9¾

A magical Dungeons & Dragons-style adventure, featuring the hosts of PotterCast!

Roll 9¾

Ch 8: Detention

September 12, 2020

Is it magic school without detention? Amelia, Dolly, and Karl find themselves on the wrong side of Prof. Vaswani’s morning, but there are mysteries and new friends on the other end…

Welcome back to Roll 9 3/4!

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Roll 9 3/4, is a Harry Potter DnD actual-play podcast created by the hosts of PotterCast, who have been talking about Harry Potter together for more than a decade.

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Frank Franco conceived this project and serves as the game’s DM.
The players are Bre Bishop (Dolly-Anne), John Noe (Karl), and Melissa Anelli (Amelia).

Original music  by Andre Karame.

Editing by Aaron Souza, produced by Frank Franco and Melissa Anelli

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