Ch. 13: Professor Pumpkin’s Surprise | A Magical Dungeons and Dragons Adventure

Ch. 13: Professor Pumpkin’s Surprise | A Magical Dungeons and Dragons Adventure

Our intrepid trio can’t catch a break, as this week’s Herbology class turns deadly! Have you ever seen a murderous crystal Venus Fly Trap? No? Well then tune in and find out what happens! Why is there so much danger at this school? Who is Archie and how did he get there? Will Karl cast Bear Arms on Amelia again even though Bear Arms isn’t even a thing? This week on Roll!


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Frank Franco conceived this project and serves as the game’s DM.
The players are Bre Bishop (Dolly-Anne), John Noe (Karl), and Melissa Anelli (Amelia).

Original music by Andre Karame.

Produced by and Melissa Anelli and Frank Franco

Pookatori and Friends by Kevin MacLeod

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